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Fearsome Season

I see you working hard to serve your congregations and innovate new, creative ways to solve the problems we are facing as a church body. (And whew, aren't we facing more problems than ever??)  You work hard to create more solutions, more touchpoints during the...

Chipping Away at the roots

A Moment of Reflection It took a lot of digging and chopping away at the roots of the salvia to free it from the pot. Its roots were deep, tangled, and choking. I love the pot more than the dying plant and wanted it gone. God spoke to me. #listeningforgod...

Introducing Listening for God

Empowering discussions As we continue to face COVID19 and the politics of the day, our lives are continuously shifting. But, imagine a community of believers and thinkers who meet weekly to discuss old and new ways of hearing God. That’s why I'm excited to launch my...

Reflections + Thoughts

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